Mark and Sarah start Sabbatical

In June my wife and I celebrate 13 years of ministry in Pittsburg at Family Life.  It’s been amazing.  Effective.  Fun.  But tiring.  Draining actually.

The stats on pastoral burn out are insane.

After 9 years here our Board instituted a simple sabbatical policy, one month off after 2 years of full time pastoral service.  We took our first sabbatical back in 2009. 

Due to our building being completed we were unable to take the break last year, so we are taking it now.  Our other pastoral staff receive this same benefit.

We will be in non-ministry mode during the month of June. (literally May 28-June 28)  You can read our church’s sabbatical FAQ here.

We are looking forward to unplugging and unwinding so we can continue to be effective for the Kingdom and FLAG church for many years to come.

I wrote about our previous sabbatical here.