Sabbatical Announced

We have been in Pittsburg for 9 years and are taking a month off!

Today we announced that we will be out of ministry for the month of July.  This was a first for our congregation, so I was a bit apprehensive about the handling of the announcement. 

Went great.

We distributed a FAQ as well as had a Board member share to make the announcement.  (see 43:10 in the video)

A key piece of the communication today came from data from a survey from the congregation concerning “What do you need from a pastor” as well as “what job skills does a pastor need.” 

That formed the word cloud below.  You have to see the high res version to get the full force feel of the weight that pastors can carry.

Pastor Expectations From Church


The pastors (myself and Tyler) also put a word cloud together, concerning the pressures that we feel.  High res here.

Pastor Expectations From Pastors