Loving the Pastor’s Kid

Conner PK retreat.

This past weekend (Thu-Sat) my family was the recipient of a retreat designed just for the kids of pastors.

Every job has difficulties, pastor’s are no exceptions.  I wrote about that here.

Being the kid of a pastor has it’s own difficulties.  Many pastors are concerned that the ministry has had a negative effect on their children.

Each year the Assemblies of God in Kansas holds a retreat just for the 12-18 year old PK’s.  The first time I heard about the existence of this kind of retreat I was about in tears, and I wasn’t even a dad yet!

This was Conner’s first year to go.  He looked forward to this for over two months.  It did not disappoint!

I am glad I am a pastor.  I am even more satisfied that my son doesn’t mind that he is a pastor’s kid.