The Perks of Being a Pastor

IMAG0160There are upsides and downsides to every job.  I saw this as a busboy, waiter, UPS loader, and a Computer tech. 

As a UPS loader I have the downside of blowing cardboard boogers but had the upside of benefits while a part time employee.

What about in ministry? 

Many is the minister who can gripe about the downsides.  Working every Sunday.  Not even NFL quarterbacks do that! 

(For a balanced look at the pressures, not the gripes, of being in ministry, click here.)

But there are upsides.  Perks.  Little things that are a “thank you” when you feel ineffective or under appreciated.  Like borrowing the church Rug Doctor to clean your car.  (see pic)

In no particular order, and not trying to be super-spiritual, here are a few more.

  1. Using the church van to pick up bed mattresses from Sam’s Club.
  2. Having an office with a door on it.
  3. Unlimited grape (communion) juice.
  4. People are thankful when you knock off 10 minutes early (preaching time) on Sunday.
  5. Off on Monday.  Andy Griffith on at noon.
  6. No one ever took a love offering for me at any other job!
  7. People genuinely love and encourage you.
  8. Animal crackers in the nursery.  (Chocolate are the best)
  9. The feeling of being valuable, necessary, and effective.
  10. Respect.
  11. Leftovers at potlucks.  (We should have more of these)