Thankful list. 2013.

   Which number spurs thankfulness in you?
  1. Wife who loves Christ
  2. Son that follows Christ
  3. Job that I love
  4. Great staff to serve with
  5. Health beyond what I deserve
  6. 23 years of healthy marriage
  7. My grades from high school haven't hindered the rest of my life
  8. Cars that run
  9. Roof that doesn't leak
  10. Integrity of pastors I have served under
  11. Ability to embarrass 15 year old son in public without even trying
  12. Sandi Patti is not the only Christian music available
  13. More financial resources than I need for basic survival
  14. A new heart
  15. Sin forgiven
  16. Freedom in Christ
  17. American citizenship
  18. Global worldview
  19. Educational opportunities that I didn't waste
  20. Friends with mechanical skills
  21. Ridiculous amount of safe travel this year (Israel, West Monroe LA, Cleveland OH, Haiti)
  22. Weekly before school breakfast with my son
  23. Great community for my family to live in
  24. Congregation that continues to put up with me
  25. Wife who doesn't make me watch Hallmark movies
  26. Strength to resist temptation
  27. Faith almost as big as a mustard seed
  28. That I didn't invest in Nokia 8 years ago
  29. Birth family and great childhood
  30. God's faithfulness
  31. The Love of Jesus Christ