Power of a a Lunch Habit

When John first called me I was away at a conference. He had heard me speak at the PSU football team chapel.

We started having lunch every other week.  Keeping the conversation spiritual was difficult. I felt like I was making no progress at all, but he was still willing to meet, so I (church) kept buying lunch.

Summer break came and I wasn't sure he would be interested in connecting again in the fall.

John called that summer. Something was different. There was humility. Teachability.  Our lunch meetings that fall moved to Wheat State Pizza. And continued until he left town.

Today I am privileged to perform his wedding. His walk with Christ is inspiring to many.

The picture attached was taken on location at our habitual lunch place. Many, many conversations over salad and pizza loaded with unique toppings.

The power of a habit. Routine. Almost a ritual.  There can be power when the Holy Spirit is invited