Gallbladder Is Gone. Thankful for Care!

2 am on Tuesday we headed to the ER. This was the second night in a row with unquenchable stomach pains.

Within an hour the CT scan had been completed and showed a gallbladder issue.

Fast forward to today, Friday, 11:30. Home and resting. Thankful for so much and so many who helped me and my family during this time.

Thank you Sarah for proving again that my trust in you in well placed. I appreciate your love and unquestionable support.

Thank you Conner for loving my wife and being an overall great son.

Thank you Gary and Sophie Hisle for driving 6 hours round trip to help my fatigued and sick wife with some housework so she could be with me at my surgery.

Thank you staff and Board at FLAG church. Tyler, Anthony, Steve, Micky, Alan, Ashley, Cassie, and Bryan. Thanks for everything I am aware of, and all that I am not.

Thank you FLAG Church. Prayer was constant, needed, and effective.

Thank you Juli Kelley for sharing a dinner with my wife and son on Wednesday and letting my son crash at your place that night so my wife could rest.

Thank you Via Christi Hospital. My care was quick and excellent from ER, CT, 2nd Floor nurses, OR, Dr Cedeno, and the student nurses.

Thank you to everyone who prayed, called, cared, brought food, flowers, magazines, visits, Facebook support, etc.

Looking forward to recovering quickly and moving forward!