Insights From Amarillo Road Trip

We just got back from Amarillo, TX, attending Sarah’s niece’s graduation from High School.  Some simple insights:

West Texas is way out there

Every high school has pride

Every town has great places to eat (The Big Texan)

242801_10150636604595010_763575009_18737981_6404849_o  IMG_20110528_122252


Everything is bigger in Texas.

    IMG_20110528_145452 does things well

IMG_20110529_105606   IMG_20110529_105840


There the places that have not yet seen 1980



Beauty is a 75 mph speed limit sign

There are not enough 12v outlets in a 2003 Buick Regal

When my wife drives, I can think and strategize

We need a bigger vehicle when Conner hits his growth spurt

As I age “Free Hot Breakfast” isn’t what it used to be