Limitations: 10 Things I Will Never Be

The Bible is filled with people loaded with limitations that God helped them conquer.  (i.e. Moses, a stutterer, became a great spokesman.)

But many of these same people also were great because their limitations forced them different directions:  (i.e. Paul, in prison, starting a writing ministry.)

I still dream, but along the areas of my strengths, not my glaring weaknesses.  My limitations open the doors of focus for greater progress in other areas.

____ things I will never be

  1. Sought out by the creative class for my original ideas
  2. A professional athlete or Olympic medalist
  3. Creator of any earth shaking new technology
  4. Employed as a mechanic
  5. A master craftsman in any “trade” (carpenter, etc.)
  6. Considered artistic
  7. Skilled in tasks requiring a love of heights
  8. A model for anything other than socks, maybe
  9. On American Idol
  10. indispensable or irreplaceable other than to my family

NOTE:  To any positive confession friends, I am not talking myself down, I am merely choosing the areas I will not labor or linger for minimal results.