Psalms At The Brook at Bethpage

the-brook-at-bethpageThis past week I invested 3 days of prayer at a retreat called The Brook at Bethpage.

Spent a lot of time in the Psalms.  Had an amazing answer to prayer involving a deer seemingly searching for water, similar to my thirst and searching for God.  (see Psalm 42)

I jotted a quick mediation note on each of the Psalms I read.


Ps 1 – The Lord watches over my way

Ps 2 – I kiss the Son and hide in him

Ps 3 – Deliverance comes from the Lord and I cry aloud to You

Ps 4 – A desperate prayer

Ps 5 - Waiting in expectation I sing for joy and rejoice in expectation

Ps 6 – I am worn out from groaning, You have heard my cry for mercy

Ps 7 – I will give thanks, sing praise, and be barren of evil

Ps 8 – I am a man that God is mindful of

Ps 9 – He has never forsaken those who seek Him

Ps 10 – O Lord, there will always be room for You in my thoughts

Ps 11 – You examine me and in You I take refuge

Ps 12 – may my tongue not be found boasting, but my ears listening to Your flawless words

Ps 13 – I will trust, sing, and rejoice. Please send light to my eyes O God!

Ps 14 – You look down on me, I will turn to you, I will turn aside to you

Ps 15 – I want to dwell in your sanctuary, lead me to lead a unshakeable life

Ps 16 – When I set You before me my heart will be glad and I will experience fullness of joy

Ps 17 – I do not pray with deceitful lips, I would be satisfied with seeing thy likeness O Lord

Ps 18 – I call to you my rock, fortress, deliverer.

Ps 19 – O Lord revive my soul as I focus on Your word

Ps 20 – I trust in Your name O Lord, not in other strengths.

Ps 21 – I trust in your unfailing love and will be unshakeable

Ps 22 – O Lord, be not far from me.

Ps 23 – the paths of righteousness that You lead me on restore my soul. You are the restorer of my soul.

Ps 24 – I am Yours and I seek Your face

Ps 25 – My hope is You all day long

Ps 26 – I will proclaim aloud your praise

Ps 27 – The Lord is the defender of my life, His face I will seek

Ps 28 – My heart trusts in You

Ps 29 – I will give the praise due You

Ps 30 – I will put on the clothing of joy

Ps 31 – Even when I feel separated I am with You

Ps 32 – I confess my sins and hide in You

Ps 33 – I will sing and shout to You with reverence

Ps 34 – I look to you while your eyes are on me

Ps 35 – Be not silent nor far from me

Ps 36 – In your light I see light

Ps 37 – I delight in and commit to You

Ps 38 – I confess my sins, please help me Lord

Ps 39 – Teach me to live the number of my day wisely

Ps 40 – Put a new song in my mouth O God!

Ps 41 – Have mercy and raise me up

Ps 42 – I will put my hope in You

Ps 43 – Your light and truth guide me

Ps 44 – O God, awake, arise, help me

Ps 45 – Your throne is of justice O Lord

Ps 46 – I will be still and not fear, You are here

Ps 47 – I will shout joyously to You

Ps 48 – You are my God and my guide

Ps 49 – Grant me not riches without understanding

Ps 50 – Forgive me for worthless sacrifices I have made

Ps 51 – Keep me teachable

Ps 52 – I want to be built up properly

Ps 53 – Let me fear not what is not

Ps 54 – You are my Sustainer

Ps 55 – Protect my friends from deception

Ps 56 – I exalt You for Your great love

Ps 57 – My soul will awake and praise You

Ps 58 – I humble myself before You Judge

Ps 59 – I will sing of You my Strength

Ps 60 – O Lord save and deliver, man can only help so much