Mentoring From Distance and From the Past

This past week I had my picture taken with two very influential people after hearing them minister.

Both of them have had influence in my life and have authored books, pastored churches, and are in demand as guest speakers.

One pastors a church over 20,000 people and the other currently is a teacher at a seminary.

Mark Lehman and Craig GroeschelThe pastor, Craig Groeschel, has influenced my life by listening to some of his teachings, as well as the influence of his books.  He has mentored me from a distance.  I have had a full 60 seconds of (extremely gracious) conversation with him, and through no fault of his own he would not be able to pick me out of a crowd.

Mark Lehman and Doug OssThe teacher, Doug Oss, was a professor of mine in Bible College 20 years ago, a mentor from the past.  Many of his teachings have stayed with me and become a part of my “arsenal” in doing ministry. 

When I called him he not only remembered me, but graciously came and spoke in our three services today and taught two afternoon seminars.  He shared memories of me from the pulpit and with our church staff.  He affirmed me, blessed me, and encouraged me. 

It is good to know, but it might be better to know and be known.

I am thankful for both of their influences on my life and ministry.