50 Day Bible Reading Program – Cool Bible App

Today we launched phase 2 of a Bible reading emphasis we started in the Fall of 2009.

Last Fall we focused on the essential 50 passages of the Old Testament.  This Fall we are doing the New Testament.

We are adapting a program called the E100 from Scripture Union.

In preparing this message introducing this I was looking for good Bible sources for people.  Audio bibles, online bibles, etc.

Many are familiar with www.youversion.com, on the web or on your phone. 

Some know about www.faithcomesbyhearing.com for audio Bibles that you can download.

But have you heard about www.bible.is?  I love this!  It can be on your Iphone or Android smartphone, or on Facebook.

Yes, Bible.is let’s you read the Bible text, but, and here is the game changer, Bible.is allows you to listen to an audio bible while following along with the written text. 

You gotta check this out.  They even have a Facebook app!  Drop Farmville and give Bible.is a shot!