Major Financial Blessing

Below is the statement I placed on our church’s blog concerning a major financial windfall.


When Family Life started in October 1993 they had no resources. 

The core of 20 people had been removed from their previous church through incorrect use of church discipline. 

The Assemblies of God district leadership asked this core to start a new church, indicating their disapproval of the previous church’s disciplinary measures.

Most of this 20 person core had invested for decades their heart and finances into the previous church they had been removed from.  They now found themselves scrounging by on the meager resources they had on hand.

In 2009 the former church they had been removed from closed.  As the assets were being liquidated district leadership found it proper to direct much of the remaining assets to Family Life to help fund our new building efforts.

Announced today, Family Life received earlier this summer two checks equaling $90,000 of assets remaining from the previous church.

These funds, separate from the $300,000 the current congregation pledged to give over the next 3 years in the Building Tomorrow Together Campaign, have been deposited and will be used for Phase 2 building needs.

We thank God for the graciousness of the Kansas Assemblies of God District Leadership and God’s hand in the timing of this financial event.

Notably, these resources and the decisions accompanying them did not occur until Family Life made efforts to step out in faith to raise $300,000.

If God can get it through you, He can get it to you.