July 4th Servant Evangelism Outreach

Servant Evangelism Water Bottle LBD

When you hand out (with a bunch of great volunteers) 2,500 bottles of water in a span of about 30 hours you meet a lot of people. 

Some were in town for a day, some have lived here for their entire life.  Many I know casually after living in town for 10 years. 

Other’s that I hopefully expect will be people that will someday make a decision to visit our church.

Here are some of the people I met, and had the chance to sow seed into their lives:

  1. Single people who 3-4 years ago were married
  2. People who used to attend our church and moved
  3. Kids I coached in soccer teams
  4. A church planting pastor from Colorado
  5. People who used to attend our church and left on less than good terms
  6. Tino, a t-shirt vendor who used to go to an AG church in Florida, now living in KC
  7. A great neighbor who visited our church and is serving God at another local church
  8. People in wheelchairs my wife knows as patients
  9. Parents who don’t attend our church who have teens who attend the church
  10. Many who had enjoyed too much adult beverage and needed some water