10 Years in Pittsburg

4362876376_ca814a2596_o[1]Sarah and I have just completed 10 years in serving as the Pastors of Family Life Assembly of God in Pittsburg, Kansas.

A lot has changed:

  1. Location of church (new building)
  2. Location of Lehman’s (bought a new house)
  3. Height of Conner
  4. # of Ohio State University (football) and Kansas University (not football) national championships
  5. Facial hair of Mark (goatee to soul patch)
  6. Debt load (debt free except for house!)
  7. Amount of staff at church (we have some now!)
  8. Dress code at church (from suits to jeans)
  9. # of women my wife influences
  10. Size of God’s kingdom in Pittsburg