Sunday Thought Life of a Pastor

5:10 am Ugh. Didn’t hear alarm. I love my routine. Is this going to throw me off today?

5:50 Staff member Tyler already here at church. What great staff.

6:30 Double Ugh. Custodial forgot to clean after FLAG 101 yesterday morning.

7:15 Cleaning these glass doors can be therapeutic.

8:00 Worship team sounds sweet. Bryan has really come a long way on the electric.

9:45 I wonder if I my message sounded harsh? Just want to inspire people to be hungry for God. Why didn’t I open up the altar? Fearful of being stood up?

10:10 This 2nd service full house attendance sure is energizing.

10:35 Message hitting on all cylinders. This is fun.

11:20 With 10:00 full, will the 11:30 be sparse? Dummy! That is scarcity/poverty thinking.

12:00 pm Missing something in 3rd service. Can’t seem to find that something.

1:30 Don’t forget the beverage containers for the FLAG 101 meal at home tonight.

2:30 Good having people at altars in 10 and 11:30 service. Tired of house/food prep for 30+ coming to house tonight. Crud. Need to go to store.

3:00 Hey, that bonfire started easy.

5:00 Let’s meet outside tonight.

5:15 Why all this work? Hearing real people new to church share real heart feelings about the church, that’s why!

7:30 Tyler has a great crowd here at Chi Alpha. I am the oldest person here.

8:00 Seeing Water Baptism and Cinco De Mayo combined. Excellente’.

11:00 Finish blog. Go to bed.