Capital Giving Campaign Launched

Building Tomorrow Together - Logo

Yesterday we launched a Capital Giving Campaign at the church we pastor.  We are calling it Building Tomorrow Together.

Came across an amazing statement in my research for Sunday’s Message:  “Never let the shoe tell the foot how big it can grow.”

Borrowed heavily from many sources for yesterday’s message.  Main thoughts are below:

4 PURPOSES OF Capital Giving Campaign

  1. To help people grow to spiritual maturity
  2. To raise the funds to build
  3. To develop fellowship and unity within our church family
  4. To celebrate with thanksgiving

Expect three different reactions

  1. Those who will give no matter what we do
  2. Those who will never give no matter what we do
  3. Those who will give when they catch the vision

Campaign Non-Negotiables

  1. We will not pressure anyone
  2. We will not say no for anyone
  3. We will not sell anything
  4. We will challenge everyone to sacrifice equally