10 Things Learned While Fasting

Fasting Poster 2010 - Week 3

Our church just ended a 21 day emphasis on Prayer and Fasting.  I challenged everyone to stretch, and for me that meant attempting a 7 day fast.  My previous longest fast had been a 4 day fast.

Below are a few thing I learned, or re-learned through this time.

  1. The majority of my eating has nothing to do with being hungry.
  2. There are more food commercials, online ads than you think.
  3. Fasting doesn’t force God to do to a thing.
  4. I have become a consumer of food, and not an enjoyer of food, and that might be gluttony.
  5. People are capable of much more than they think.
  6. More people will go farther and deeper when there is synergy and public commitment with each other.
  7. I have no regrets about any meal that I missed.
  8. There are no regrets when the fast is done.
  9. 10 pounds.  Weight lost.
  10. Wendy’s baked potato.  What I “broke-fast” with.