Top 10 Fasting Facts

Fasting Calendar 2010 - 1Yesterday we launched our annual Fasting and Prayer emphasis at the church we pastor.

What I once used to dismiss and something that is “not my gift” I know and value as one of the deepest spiritual formation times in my life.

Shared a simple Top 10 list on fasting yesterday.  Feel free to listen here later this week or watch and listen now to the service here.

Top 10 Fasting Facts

#10 Fasting is expected

#9 Fasting is rewarded

#8 Fasting Can be loaded with legalism

#7 Fasting is not dieting

#6 Fasting slows everything down

#5 Fasting is purposeful

#4 Fasting is always inconvenient

#3 Fasting properly positions me to receive

#2 Fasting must be experienced

#1 Fasting will bring a response from God