My Cleveland Browns

Out of curiosity I check the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs schedule, they actually play my hapless and helpless Cleveland Browns on Sunday, December 20th, in Kansas City.  Ugh. 

The Sunday before Christmas!  I can’t get that Sunday off!  Next thing you know I would be asking for Easter off!

So I communicate this scenario to our 8:30 service this Sunday, as some sort of funny side note.  After the 11:30 service I am told I have a message.  A wonderful lady in the church was listening and offered me 4 lower level tickets to the game!  Double Ugh!  Ugh.  Ugh.  Sunday after Christmas?  That is a go.  Sunday before, no way.

It gets better.

Driving home I turn on the radio and ESPN radio is talking about what would be the absolute worst game left in the NFL season. 

2nd worst:  Cleveland at Kansas City.   1st worst:  Oakland at Cleveland.

Go Browns!