Microfinance – Help Me Lift One Family Out Of Poverty

$120,000.  That is how much cash was handed out to myself and the 11,999 others at the Catalyst Conference I recently attended.10 dollars - never ending hope

Each of us received a $10 bill and a challenge to raise $90 more to help lift families out of poverty through microfinance.  Microfinance is providing banking services (small loans, not handouts), so that the poor can start their own self-sustaining businesses. 

Here is another take on microfinance: 

The organization that I am working with is called www.neverendinghope.org.  The average loan $100 and they have a 99% repayment rate.  Click here to understand how they combine this poverty lifting principle and share the message of Christ.

I have taken the $10 I received, and added $10 of my own (see pic).

Will you join with me?

I have set up a simple way for you to “chip-in” online utilizing PayPal.  I will absorb all PayPal fees personally.

Click the chip-in widget below, or the chip-in widget on my blog site, or go to this link to contribute.