What I Learned While In The Hospital

I spent the second week of my month long sabbatical fighting a staph infection under my left thigh.  3 nights in the hospital. 

First time overnight in a hospital since, well age 15, I think.  A good learning time.

What I have learned, so far, as I type this as I am back in the hospital for outpatient antibiotics.

Sarah Give Mark IV Stick

  1. I am embarrassingly blessed with great healthcare, insurance, friends, and family
  2. My RN wife loves to poke me with needles – see video below.
  3. Whitespace/thinking time is valuable
  4. Little things, germs, can be a big pain, and expense!
  5. Even hospital personnel respond well to being called by their first names
  6. Sitting side-saddle is hard
  7. Psalm 23:2, β€œHe makes me lie down in green pastures . . . β€œ sometimes literally means makes.
  8. Being in the hospital puts stress on my family
  9. Pain medicine is something to be thankful for
  10. Pain is a tool of humbling
  11. There is nothing on cable TV
  12. Not shaving is enjoyable – picture
  13. Hospital food is amazing