What I Learned Visiting Churches I Don’t Pastor

We visited 3 churches in the past month.  James River, attendance 8,000.  Osawotomie A/G, attendance 60.  North Point in Springfield, attendance 3,000.

It has been a long time since I have been a “visitor” in a church, and good to feel that again! 

Visiting is awkward, anything a church can do to lower the intimidation factor is a plus. 

Here are a few things I learned:welcome_mat

  1. Friendliness is King.  One grumpy volunteer negates 5 positive ones.
  2. Information is Queen. No one likes not knowing what to do.
  3. As a visiting pastor, it is hard to worship and not focus on how this church operates.
  4. Projected lyrics are not optional. 
  5. Dead air (no sound) in an auditorium before a service is ominous to a guest.  Play a CD!
  6. A large crowd is not necessary for great worship.
  7. Video announcements look like a ton of work, but do rock!
  8. I am starting to get more comfortable with jeans on the platform.
  9. Clutter free doesn’t win any points, but clutter take points away.
  10. Information that is repeated each week, (please fill out your communication card), is not boring to visitors.
  11. Refreshments are good.  Free is much better, even if simple.
  12. Visitor parking spots are like gold.
  13. Atmosphere matters.
  14. Driving 90 minutes one way gets old after a month!