Mark is now an author. With Blurb.

So there I was, sitting at Conner’s baseball games and I realized I was bored, and it was only 3 games into a 12 game seasons.

I picked up Sarah’s amazing Nikon D80 and starting taking some pictures.  I learned some stuff, and started taking lots of pictures.  About 4,000 of them.  Amazing what happens when you shoot in “continuous mode.”

I put together a simple video of Conner.  Then I put together a rather decent video of his whole team.   See below.

But I still wanted to do something just for my son.  So I wrote a book.  Published a book is more like it.

I used Blurb to create a hard cover professionally printed photo book.  I was pleased with the results.

You can check the entire book out here, or check out the pictures below.

Conner Book 1

Conner Book 2