Mr. Lehman Goes To Washington

I am going to do something that is very hard for me, ask for help.

We are taking some time off this summer.  Desire to take the “family trip to remember.”  Create some seriously powerful memories.

We have decided to go to Washington, DC.  Conner is old enough to be interested, old enough to remember the trip, and young enough to still want to go with Mom and Dad!  :)

In crunching the numbers, we realize that we are unable to afford to eat out and stay in a hotel for 8-9 days.  IMGP3440

Here is where the help request comes in.  Does anyone have an RV/Camper available to rent/buy/borrow?  Renting one from a company would cost us close to $3,000.  We have looked at many used RV’s, etc.  (see pic)

Perhaps buying one and selling it after the trip.  Perhaps keeping it.  Don’t know.  Unsure of their trustworthiness.

Really desiring discernment from God here.  Don’t want to make a foolish mistake financially.  But also don’t want to pass up an opportunity that may never present itself again.

If you have any widsom, insight, or thoughts from your own DC trip, let me here them at