My experience buying glasses online


The time has finally come. 


I broke down and bought glasses.  I have needed them for about 2 years, but didn’t want the hassle, but the headaches got to be too much.

Being frugal, I couldn’t bring myself to pay the optometrist price.  I tried on what I was interested in, then found them online at, an IMGP3282exact match, for $241 with all the bells and whistles instead of $550 from the eye doctor.

I then tried the el cheapo place,  $8 prescription eyeglasses.  Seriously!  I ordered these without the progressive lenses.  Then I ordered another pair from Zenni and decked them out as my IMGP3285sunglasses.  both pair, after necessary bells and whistles, without the progressive lenses - $20 each.

I like them all very much.

Can you tell which pair cost the extra $220?




The top pictures shows the expensive pair.