Preaching About Sex! Oh My!

We are in the midst of a message series based on teh FIREPROOF movie. It rocks, go see it. The movie, that is.

The series has been going well. Yesterday was the first of two messages on sexual intimacy. It went very well. No loud "Amen's", due to fear of embarassement, but we had everyone's attention!

The best things about was the guest speaker I had. Sarah! She took point 3 of the message and did a fabulous job in all 3 services. I am very proud of her for speaking clearly and forcefully on some very awkward subjects. She did so with grace and confidence.

I really regret not having someone ready to take a photo of her in the pulpit. Anyway, her podcast debut will be right here when it is posted sometime on Tuesday.

Oh yeah, we had another non-holiday record attendance, 283. Thank you God!