I Love Fall!

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The temps get cooler, the colors start to change, I can use less deodorant. (just kidding)
Although we live in Kansas, we have a ton of trees in our yard, therefore, we have a lot of leaves in our yard. We have a cool little deal that goes on to the back of our lawnmower to help up haul them back to our leaf pile.

Conner was telling me that he wants the leaves piled up somewhere where he can play with them, not just back my the shed. I gave it some thought, and piled them up high and placed a ladder back there so that he and Thuan could climb up the ladder and jump into the leaves.

This helped me capture the best picutre I have ever taken! See it full size right here. And no, I didn't photoshop it, I don't know how to.