I Wish I Had A Picture!

I usually don't take my cell phone to the pulpit, but I wish I had done that today.

We had powerful altar times in all three services.  During the second service, there were many at the altar seeking forgiveness, not trying to get it for themselves, but for God's help to give it to others.  The congregation was filled with others lifting their hands and voices unto God!

Oh, how I wish I could post a picture of what I saw.  Parents hugging their adult children.  Whole families, coming down to the altar together.

We ended up with a regular Sunday record attendance of 269.  Even better though, I think we had a record number at the altar.

I am heading to Atlanta on Tuesday for the Catalyst conference.  Thanks for praying that God will get a hold of my heart, and that of staff going with us.  Check out the video - it is pretty inspiring all by itself!