Sarah Sharing This Week!

Whew!  Didja ever have "one of those weeks" when you reach the end exhausted but exhilarated?  It was one of those in the Lehman home.

Conner turned 10 on Wednesday.  A decade of parenting already!  Not that makes us experts but it sure can make you tired!  So there were the traditional year shaped pancakes for breakfast, cupcakes for class and M-n-M cookies for JBQ and Royal Rangers.  Birthday = sugar high!

Then on Thursday, the Rodecap clan met at KCI to welcome our China Doll to America.  My twin sister, Sophie, and her husband, Gary, returned from China with their daughter, Zia Joy.  She is absolutely beautiful!!  So there we all were in the airport waiting for them to get there, cameras, video cameras, banners, American flags, a CD player playing "Coming to America"...  Needless to say, those who had already deboarded would say to us, "She is on the plane!" "She is beautiful!" "They are coming!"  Some even stuck around to watch the homecoming!

So our first sight (in person) of this cutie-patootie, she is decked out in Kansas Jayhawk clothes, wearing a tiara and stickers on the bottom of her socks that say, "Made in China".  For those of you that think I have to have everything just so-so haven't seen anything yet if you haven't met Sophie!

The family reunion moved to Mimi's Cafe for a meal were we received some of the best personal attention and service that I've experience!  A shout out to Brenda, the manager at the restaurant in Zona Rosa!  You and your team rock!  So we are enjoying a fabulous meal, hearing stories of China and I was feeding and rocking  my sweet niece when my mom's boyfriend, Doyle, gets down on a knee to ask my mom's hand in marriage!  What a night of additions!

Friday was Conner's birthday party/sleepover.  (I'm getting too old for those!)  And today is Mark's birthday!  With all the birthday celebrations we are feeling our age.  But thankful for each one of those years.

The week wasn't all celebrating, though.  We received word this week that my cousin's son Jason has gone missing.  Please pray for his safe return as well as comforting peace for his family.  Hold your family close.  They are God's blessing and gifts in your life.