Touched 2000 People This Week

On Wednesday we handed out 455 bottles of water at PSU during a 3 hour outreach on campus and on Saturday we handed out the rest of our skid (1890 bottles) at our cities Little Balkans Days Labor Day Celebration. 

The 1435 bottles were handed out in right at 4 hours, about one ever 10 seconds, just crazy speed.  Next year we need to order more!

Side note:  Today was Labor Day Sunday, typically a low attendnace Sunday, yet we had 251, just 11 below our non-holiday (Easter, etc) record.  I hope we keep growing forward!

Picture:  I took this picture from my phone of our outreach setup.  I had some funky panarama option selected, so it is out of focus a bit, but still makes a neat picture.  Click on it to see larger.