I Love Preaching Father's Day Sunday!

Mother's Day can be a bit awkward for a male pastor, but Father's Day, that is a blast!

Message went over real well, you can see the outline and hear it here. Really pleased with it.

Had a ton of great ideas to use this morning. Offertory was Steven Curtis Chapman's Cinderella video. We replaced the audio with the background track and had one of our men, Clayton Campbell sing to it. Powerful.

This video is what I started the message with. WARNING: You will laugh out loud.

I used this video as an idea to show the difference between males and men. WARNING: This video is graphic.

However, we seem to have finally hit what churches call "the summer attendance slump." Our previous summers we have never had one. In fact, we had grown! We have had 3 of our lowest attendances over the past 4 Sundays. Ugh. A little bit discouraging. Not a lot. Seriously. But I do think that we have slacked off in outreach and it is costing us.