Rare Original Creative Idea

I am not sure what sparked it. I probably read it somewhere else.

Every once in a while a person does something that they realize is extremely valuable, simple, and worth sharing. Here it is:

Next Mother's Day, Father's Day, anniversary, birthday, etc. simply write (or type) the sentence "Why I Love My Mom (Dad, Wife, etc.). And start writing a bullet list.

The first 10 will flow rather quickly, then the ideas will slow down. Give it 10-15 minutes. More ideas will come and you will feel surprised that you didn't' remember them all at first.

Biblically this is a great idea. Remembering, counting our blessings, thankfulness, etc. Practically this is an inexpensive, priceless, and rare gift. You are the only one on the planet that can create it. It will not be quickly discarded.

I print it up on white cardstock with blue ink. Surely you can do better. I have done this for Sarah, my Dad, and this year, my Mom.

Here is my Mom's.