"Power Team" Outreach Effective

Weekly post is late this week due to Sunday/Monday outreach with the John Jacobs Next Generation Power Force. We held services/outreaches/performances at the High School Auditorium Sunday and Monday nights, and held our regular Sunday morning service there as well.

The team did feats of strength in the evenings, and did 2 school assemblies on Monday. We had about 210 people in the Sunday morning service, around 280 Sunday evening, and over 500 on Monday night.

We are still sorting through the detailed cards were painstakingly walked people through, but the rough figures are this:

About 30 first time commitments to Christ - about 25 unconnected to any church

About 80 recommitments to Christ - about 40 unconnected to any church

Nothing great and godly happens without hiccups, though. Part of the show is the smashing of pop cans (Diet 7 up) by the strength of the team members hands. You can see a photo and the accompanying front page article here.

Well, we got some on the school's stage curtain. (ugh). They are determining how it needs to be cleaned and what the cost will be. A small price to pay for a great opportunity to communicate Christ to many unchurched and unsaved people.

You can read (and see) more here and here.