Easter Traditions in a Pastor's Home

What are the Easter traditions in a pastor's home? Besides going to church!

Well, my son gets an Easter basket, thought it has been years since I have personally seen him search for it, as I am already at church before he wakes up.

We always invite the entire church over to our house for Easter lunch. It is a very traditional meal, ham, potatoes, etc. We started this when we realized that some college students were headed back to the dorms for Easter lunch. Yuk! Today we had 27 peoople over for lunch!

We used to have an Easter Egg Hunt after lunch at our house, but now we hold one at the church in between the 2nd and 3rd services. 2,000 eggs this year!

Our one other tradition is to take a nap when everyone goes home!

P.S. I am proud of our church, for the number of visitors that were in services today. We had people commit or recommit to Christ in each of the three serivces!

I sent out an updated church and pastor (me) resume. Please pass it on to anyone you know might be interested in working with us!