People Baptized in the Holy Spirit This Past Sunday!

(I posted this message this past Sunday night, but to the wrong blog. Sorry it is late)

Wow. Preached on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, focusing specifically about speaking in tongues. The message will be here in the next day or so.

There were people baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues in each of the three services, and more in a special "Breakthrough" service we held tonight.

Over 80 showed up for this and there were many "breakthrough" events in their lives as they prayed at the altar.

I ended up starting this fast with 3 full days of fasting, then fasted one meal a day for the rest, deepening the fast at the end.

I am convinced that the church's fasting was the fuel that started the Holy Spirit moving in our church (and a record offering today!).

While I am looking forward to a church wide time of fasting and prayer next year, I am also looking forward to eating three full meals tomorrow!

P.S. Yes, I did lose weight over the 21 days! 12 pounds.