Land Purchase Approved

Last night the congregation voted unanimously to approve the purchase of about 1 acre of land for future developement and expansion.

We do not know what we will use this land for, but are confident that we want that to be our decision, and not another developer placing storage units or a bunch of duplexes there.Our purpose for this purchase is to have ownership and control future development there. We may use it for parking in the near future.

This hopefully will just be the start of land acquisiton for us. I have attached an awesome picture that shows in detail what land options surround us. Click the photo to enlarge. The church is easy enough to locate on the photo. The land we are purchasing for $22,000 is just North of us across from 13th st. It is in the shape of a rectangle with some extra land behind two houses.

What is visionary to see is the land that is to the East and NorthEast of us. I talked about his land in a video last week. 5 acres, undeveloped. This is RARE within the city limits. There is enough land for us to be able to build a 1,000 seat auditorium, fill it twice, and park it on a Sunday!

Let's keep growing forward!