A Sunday in the Life of a Pastor

"So it must be nice to only work one day a week." Many pastors have heard that before. I think I have only heard it 2-3 times in 16+ years of ministry. But I now have the perfect comeback, "Yeah. And if we work 10 minutes too long, everyone is mad!

I love what I do. I am blessed to have an awesome wife and great volunteers. Yesterday was a long Sunday, believing it to be a fruitful Sunday. Had three services, a connection event, and a Servant Evangelism outreach. Here is the rundown.

5:50 - arrive at church, get bldg live and pray
6:30 - go over notes, service order with staff, prepare for missionary arrival
7:15 - a little more prayer
7:30 - set sound for worship rehearsal, go over music slides, video clips, and powerpoint for service
8:00 - host missionary guest
8:25 - pre service prayer
8:30 - first service
9:40 - end first service - hunt down guests - talk to people - rush to find someone to take missionary to lunch
10:00 - start second service - slip out of worship and prepare object lesson for sermon, got the idea during the first service sermon
11:10 - end second service - hunt down guests - talk to people - look again for someone to take missionary out
11:30 - start third service
12:45 - end third service - hunt down guests - total attendance just over 240 - start preparing for Pizza with the Pastor (connection event with people new to the church)
1:00 - start Pizza with the Pastor - wolf down pizza - lead discussion - share about the church
2:00 - Clean up Pizza with the Pastor - change clothes - prepare for Servant Evangelism Outreach
2:45 - show up at SE outreach - great volunteers already have 95% set up
3:00 - Start SE outreach - lead 20 volunteers in preparing, serving, and loving over 400 people at Wal-Mart with Hot Chocolate
5:00 - End SE outeach, tear down, head to church to put stuff away
5:45 - head home - find out that New England is already 18-0

You can see more about our SE Hot Chocolate Outreach here at one of our other blogs.