32 New Commitments to Tithe!

We finished our Stewardship Series, "Mind Your Own Business," this morning, and received our annual financial commitments. This is an anonymous way to challenge people to respond to God's Word concerning finances. You can hear todays message right here.

After the message we showed a video testimony of Kim, a single mom with two kids. You can see the video here.

After the video we received financial commitments. You may ask, "Sounds awkward, how do you do that?'

Each person receives a financial commitment card. Everyone. We ask everyone to fill one out. This way no one feels isolated if they choose to tell God, "No!" Click on the pictures of the card and you can see.
We simply ask people to respond and indicated if they will continue, will start/restart, or will not tithe. Then we ask each person to give to missions.

"How is this anonymous?" Look at the card closely. The small portion they rip off and place in the offering. The large portion, that has their name on it, they keep as a record of their own consecration to God.

I have paid my tithes and given offering for 21 years. I would never trade the blessing of God for the 10% + offering. I would be a fool.

32 new commitments this morning. That is a lot of families placing themselves under God's blessing! YES!
P.S. The Cocoa outreach link was put up late last week due to an email error. You can see it here.