Preparing For a Christmas Sunday

This next Sunday we are trusting God for a multitude of unbelievers and unchurched to respond to invitations from the attenders of Family Life.

We have armed them with invitations cards, and a good heads up on the message. "How Christmas Dreams Still Come True." We will be advertising on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow and Saturday.

I am going to tie in the biblical dreams/visions of Christmas, (Joseph's, Mary's, Simon's, etc.), to the childhood dreams of Christmas we all had, to the dreams/hopes of Christmas in movies (It's a Wonderful Life, The Christmas Story, You'll shoot your eye out kid!), to the dreams we still have for our lives, and how God wants to fulfill our deepest dreams/longings for our life.

I am not looking to be original, but effective. If you have some good ideas, insights, input, illustrations, or any other "i" words, I would love to incorporate (another "i" word) them into this message.

Send them to