40 Days of Community Celebration Service

This past Sunday we ended our 40 Days of Community emphasis with one Sunday morning celebration service at the High School. We could not meet at the church because we could not fit!

Most of the service was testimonies from the individual LifeGroups. Powerful. People who have been loving God for a long time, and some for a short time. Many who had only been attending less than 6 months.

During the 40 DOC we doubled the number of LifeGroups and pretty close to doubled the number of people involved in LifeGroups!

God laid it on my heart 18 months ago to do this, and Fall 07 was the right time. I am so proud of the people at FLAG and how the stepped up, committed, and connected to each other, believing their pastor that it would be worth the effort. It was!

The High School's auditorium is very dark. Can't show you a picture of the crowd (My wife said if felt like Bethel!), but I have attached a picture of my wife sharing testimony with the LifeGroup we participated in.