Long Post Today - Attendance and Modular

Today was the 2nd Sunday with three services. In 7 years we had really only topped 200 in attendand for "mandatory attendance days" (i.e. Easter, Mother's Day, etc.) We had plateaued at 180 for a long time. Click on chart below to enlarge.

Today we had 220. 20% in the 8:30 service. 50% in the 10:00. 30% in the 11:30. Just fine. During the past 7 Sundays we have only been under 200 one time. I do believe that we have finally jumped the 180 barrier. See chart below, click to enlarge.


We really need this modular space. This past Wednesday our church had 11 Missionette girls sitting on the carpet next to the copier (I told the congregation 8 today, I was wrong.) This is a cute problem, for a while. After a couple of months, it is no longer cute.

We took the Board and two construction guys in the church to visit a specific modular that is being offering to us for $15,000, set up and delivered. It would work great. 1800 sq ft of space. One large classroom on one side. The other side has two good sized offices, three tiny offices that we would yank, to help create another good sized classroom. Pictures of this modular can be found here. It is currently split into two pieces.

Please pray that we can get this in place and utilized before the end of the year. Some have donated to this project. Thanks. You can follow our financial progress here. If you desire to support, you can donate online here, or mail a donation to our address below:

Family Life A/G
1234 North Rouse
Pittsburg, KS 66762