We touched 10% of the town in 15 hours!

The services this morning went great! Attendance was only down about 5 % for the Labor Day Holiday. We had tons of first time guests! Perhaps it was God's response to our outreach efforts on Saturday.

We started at 6 am getting set up for Little Balkans Days, an annual festival that Pittsburg holds to celebrate their Balkan heritage. We have handed out water at this for the past 7 years. The last two years we have been able to afford handing out bottles of water. This year we went through our entire skid of water (1600 bottles) in 6 1/2 hours. One every 15 seconds. We even got to bless a Great Dane!

Then it was on to the Pitt State game, er, uh, tailgate outreach. 48-15 isn't much of a game, but the outreach went awesome! We found great favor with the PSU security, who assisted us in getting a prime location, which is the same location that I showed you last week. Someone pointed out to me the juxtapositon of that photo, a cemetery behind the students partying their brains out. Things were different with Chi Alpha on the scene! (Cue James Bond music here.)

You can see our Chi Alpha truck and notice the difference in the atmosphere! We touched about 400 students giving away free burgers, hot dogs, and pop.

We had a number of great conversations and invitations at both outreaches! A church of 200 directly touched 2000 people in a town of 20,000! And that doesn't even included all people we indirectly ministered to. Pray that God will water these seeds and that they will be harvested for Him!

As I mentioned before, we are in process of raising $20,000 for a modular classroom building. I hope to have more info and a method for those interested to particiapte by next Sunday.