The numbers 9 and 243!

The blog post is brought to you by the numbers 9 and 243.
The number 9. Today was Conner's 9th birthday! He is an awesome young boy. Sarah put together a Fear Factor birthday party for him. I had received a gift of 3 hours of limo service a year or so ago, and today I finally found a good use for it. You can see some pictures of his party, along with the gross food items, here. Oh, his main gift is his very first pet, a bearded dragon!
The number 243. That is the number of people who attended Family Life this past Sunday! A normal Sunday. Actually, I had already announced that our staff pastor would be speaking! Maybe that should be a hint for me! :)
243 is a record attendance for us for a non mandatory-attendance day (i.e. Mother's Day, Easter, etc.) We must do something, else we will not retain harvest God is giving us. Please pray with us for wisdom and the proper timing for decisions that must be made and carried out.
Also, until the end of October, we are raising funds for a modular classroom building. You can view our latest progress here. If you desire to support this project, you can do so here.
P.S. The picture above is not Conner's Birthday Cake, but his Birthday Pancake. If you really want to see his Fear Factor Birthday "Cake" you can do so here.