Almost ready to launch!

Hello Friends and Family!

I trust that things are blessed with you, as they are with us. Conner starts 3rd grade in a few days, and he just got done with two weeks of robotics camp at Pittsburg State. He had a blast building lego robots to accomplish certain tasks in competition with others. (see picture) Sarah just started having to work Sundays for the first time in her 15 year nursing career. Thankfully it is just one weekend every 7 weeks, but we sure would love for that to change.

This will most likely be the last email you will receive from us, in this
We are moving our email newsletter to a simple “blog” to better
handle the mailing list administration duties, as well as make it easier to get
these out. We are realizing more and more that the connection that we have
with those who read our infrequent emails is one of the few lifelines we have
outside of the church we pastor. We must maintain this!

What will change? Not much. You will still only get
about one email a month from us. It will contain the “content” that we
type into our blog. You can read it on the email you receive, or click
onto the blog.

In a few days receive one email from us along
with information from a company called “feedblitz” which is just a free service
to handle the emailing of our blog notes. This is just confirmatory.
No spam, no selling of email addresses, no permanent mailing list, etc.
There will also be simple and anonymous methods to subscribe and unsubscribe
from our “blog updates.”

We don’t want to annoy anyone, but we do want to
shout out to those who care about us and what we are doing! We need your

We have a bunch of cool things that are happening at the church this fall, and we need major prayer support as we continue to go forward.

We are blessed, and thankful for God’s continued advancement of His church.

With love,

Pastor Mark and Sarah Lehman